Friday, March 28, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God, I am at an impass with myself. I love what I am doing in my business, but am a horrible time manager and am not bringing in enough money to support everything I want to do, one of them being out of debt. I have taken some steps to stop getting in further debt but find myself not making any headway. I find it hard sometimes to charge for what I am worth in the market place. I like helping people and what I do seems too easy to charge people. I would do this even if I didn't get paid. I think people know that and take advantage of me and end up getting stuff for free. I realize I let them do this. Can you please help me change my energy to get things accomplished and have people respect my boundries? Will I be out of debt and make a good living at this so I can give some things at no charge? Thank You!

Answer from God through Brian:

"You are correct in thinking that something in your energy allows other people to take advantage of you. You have a veil of negative energy around you that is suppressing your true energy and keeping you from growing. I am removing this veil now and I am also filling you with my energy. This will not only help you stay clear longer but it will allow you to stand up for yourself. You have all the tools you need, you simply need to use them. I would like you to meditate with me once a day and try to imagine a waterfall of white and gold energy falling onto your body and allow your body to absorb as much as possible. This will give you the strength you need throughout your day and will help you remain centered on your path."

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