Monday, March 3, 2008

Willis said...

Dear God,

its been a while and I'm i feel as if though I'm somewhat corrupted inside and pure inside but i don't really know. sometimes i feel like i want to cry for no reason i think. i feel as if though my life is going nowhere and my goals are just dreams that wont happen at all. sometimes i just think that some people who are put on earth don't a future, thats why they leave earlier. I wonder is the path that i chose in my life and religion correct and what was the purpose of giving me life? I'm scared of life and living and I'm also scared of dying, its just hard to admit it but true. God please answer my question.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have been attacked by negative energy for the majority of your life and this energy is causing you to stumble on your path and lose faith. I will clear this negativity now however you need to meditate regularly and make sure that you are centered on your path. Religion can be a good way to find your spiritual path however it is not the only way. I have some changes planned for you that will not only help you regain your self confidence but they will also help you find the direction that your life is currently missing. Meditate with me and I will show you the next step."

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