Thursday, April 10, 2008

ChuHeoMap888 said...

Dear Lord Almighty,

How and when I will find and have a stable and satisfying job?

For the past several years I have been struggling with mini jobs that did not last or did not make me happy at all.

Will I soon have a future family with an attractve and faithful girl?

Please anwer my prayers.

Thank you my Lord!!!

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have many road blocks of negative energy on your path that are keeping you from moving as quickly as I would like you to. It is important that you meditate once a day and try to visualize a golden path beneath you. When you do this, look for any speed bumps or clouds of dark energy. All you have to do to remove them is project pure white light from the palms of your hands toward the darkness. Once you begin meditating, you will find that all of the things you would like to have in life will come to you with more ease."

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