Friday, April 11, 2008

Conor said...

what is my purpose, i have no meaning in life... and i know how sad my life is when the internet was taken away from me, i had nothing to do. that is why i ask you to tell me my purpose, and please tell my guardian angel thank you for his/hers help. and please ask my gardian angel to tell my there name.

Answer from God through Brian:

"There is no single purpose that I have made for you in this life. Throughout your entire life you will be given opportunities to do something to raise your vibration, which is one of the most important goals I have for you. You have two angels who are always by your side to help protect you from negative energy and to help show you where to go on your path. They do not have any specific names however you can communicate with them through meditation to find a name that works for all of you. Do not worry so much of keeping busy. Instead allow your mind to absorb your surroundings and be present in the very moment you are experiencing."

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