Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nancylee T84 said...

dear god

I been seeing things lately god, I do not know what this is. Who you please make things clearer for me, and please let me know something of my son that is up there with you, My heart breaks every day at just the thought of all that I have lost with him gone. I long to see him so much. I do not know how much i can take.


Answer from God through Brian:

"Clarity is exactly what you need. You have a veil of negative energy that has been placed over your body and it is keeping you from seeing where you are going on your path. I am removing this now and I am also removing the speed bumps from your path. All of this negativity was slowing you down and was also keeping you from feeling my presence. Your son does come to you to give you comfort and now that your energy is clear you will be able to feel his energy again."

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