Thursday, June 19, 2008

abagail said...

Lately i have been seeing a cat lurking outside my home. I always feel at peace when it is near. Is this one of my guardian angels, or am i just over-thinking it?

also, is betsy really my angel? or does the fact that she's my grandmother make her want to linger?

thank you somuch for all the blessings you have given me, and if you could, pleas help remove obsticals that stop my daddy from succeeding.

Answer from God through David:

"The cat is not one of your guardian angels, but rather the spirit of a loved one you had in a past life. Betsy is an angel, and she stays around you to protect you and to give you light. I will continue to remove obstacles. Because you ask for help for anyone, you are helping them. For all the things in your life, simply ask for my guidance, and you will receive it every time you leave room for me to work in your life.

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