Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear Heavenly Father

I love you! Father i need a new job. A job that i will be haapy in but most importantly a job that will financially allow me to be independant and move out of the toxic environment i live in. Father i need my own freedom. Another questionbf father is the man that you have shown me i will marry - its so hard to be with him. Its nothing to do with us but the environment that i live in. It doesnt allow us to be together. I love him and not being with him hurts. Sometimes i begin to forget that you have said that we will be together or i simply doubt that i even heard you altogether. I'm a patient tough ccokie (as you have described me) but my prayer is that you make it easier for me and for him!!!!

Love you father.

Answer from God through Brian:

"There has been some negative energy that has been trying to come between the two of you. This energy has been trying to pull you apart however I have removed the negativity and brought you closer together. I have also removed some dark road blocks that were on your path so that you can move toward financial stability. Continue to ask for my help and remember that your angels are there for you as well."

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