Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

Blessed are you, Master, Lord God, King of the universe who has created all things by His will and in Him all things have their being. Thank you for you the blessings you have given me. Father, and now I ask you for a special favor that you may open the flood gates of abundance into the business you have given us. Please open the flood gates of the upper and the lower streams and rivers of your abundant flow. That all you will, will come to pass that you may receive all honor, glory and power.
I desire to do your bidding through the offering of my life to you. I want to know if it's your desire and will that I tithe of what I have or give you all I have. Father, please open the door of wisdom. Thank you Abba. In the name of your beloved son, Christ Jesus.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have been getting much better at accepting the more difficult situations that I have given you and for that I am proud of you. There is a part of your spiritual body that is working against your flow of energy. This is keeping you from experiencing the abundance you are looking for. I have made the necessary shift in your energy to allow you to receive and use my energy much more efficiently. As for a tithe, that is your decision to make. If you feel that you are in your spiritual home and that you would like to invest in it's community, then I would recommend tithing."

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