Monday, June 30, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I was hoping that you can answer this question...I read in Isaiah 45:7 where you stated that you bring peace and also destruction, and that there is no one but you. So does that mean that Satan,can only mess with us if you give him "permission" to mess with us? Also with all the destruction and famine going on in the world are you mad at us, and if you are...what else would you have for us to do??

Answer from God through Brian:

"While I have not made demons or other negative beings, I have given you all free will and with this responsibility I have allowed you all to both positively and negatively impact each other. This is how energy is created and shared between energy beings. I am not angry and at this point the only thing I would like for you all to do is embrace the changes that are coming. There is a Universal shift taking place and you need to be ready."

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