Monday, June 16, 2008

Luke said...

jesus you are my lord and saviour.
will i ever sing praises to your name in the church?
will i marry christina and when?
what do you want me to do about this cruise and will christina join me there?
i need your guidance lord.
brian im sorry for asking more than one question.
bless you

Answer from God through David:

"You will not praise me in the church building. You and those around you who are my followers are the church. As I dwell in each and every one of you, when you come together, you form the temple.

You have the ability to marry Christina, as you have free will, but I do not see it as necessary. You could remain together for the rest of your lives, without marriage, and be very happy. Take her on the cruise. Give her the option of going, and once you offer, it is on her. If she goes, you will have a great time. If she doesn't, you need to use your time in meditation, getting closer to me while centering yourself. You are very hectic in your life, and you need to find the stillness that everyone needs. Once you find this peaceful stillness, you will see your life unfolding right before you as I have intended it."

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