Monday, June 30, 2008

Suryasnata said...

God you know the guy whom i love very much.We had some misunderstandings and broke up. We still talk but its not the same anymore. In a month i will be moving out my hometown and going elsehwhere to study. I still think he loves me but he just doesnt want to say it to me. I cant think about anything else. I know i have made some mistakes and i accept them but please dont take him from my life. I dont want to force him but its so difficult to do without him. Its like if i try to forget him then something or the other comes up and he is back. Its like we are meant to be together but its isnt working.Please help us god. Please.

Thanks a lot for bringing him in my life. I hope my love for him will always be there and i would like to believe that the way i loved him is honest and true.

Thanks again

Answer from God through Brian:

"In a past life you were soul mates and before either of you came into this life you agreed to share that same connection again. While your intentions were clear and free of human emotion before, they have become muddled and complicated because of both of your emotions. You are soul mates and I would like you to work through your problems through me so that you can rebuild that strong foundation you once had. Set your intentions on what you want to come from this relationship and allow me to work with you."

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