Monday, June 23, 2008

Tom said...

Dear God,
I fell in love with this girl, and I think she loves me back, but it looks like she is scared or something. I mean, yesterday, I went out with her and we held hands and caressed each other for like more than 2 hours... But we didn't kiss. Because when I mention something (subtly) about kissing, it's like she changes inmediately, and stops loving me or something like that. But she sometimes gives me a look, so tender and loving I'd say, or like she holds my hand... That kind of things make me believe she loves me. Last night, I spoke to her on MSN (for the first time after our "date"), it was a normal conversation, but at the end, when she was leaving she said 'oh and Tom, don't you fall in love huh ^^ ' (without someone mentioning something about love before...) and she logged out. What do I have to do now?? I really don't know what to say to her when I see/hear her again.. And btw, tomorrow I'll see her for the last time at school and afterwards, it could be that I don't see her again for 2 months (or longer).. :(
Please God, tell me what to do. Does she love me back like I thought she does? And what do I have to do/say now?? Should I ask her out again?? Oh Lord, please help me!

Answer from God through Brian:

"If you would like to expand any relationship you must first ask for guidance and then allow the guidance to work through you. I have heard your prayers and I am working with you however you must allow the changes to occur. Try not to over-think because it is keeping you attached to the outcome and that is only slowing the process down. I will bring you exactly what you need, just allow."

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