Monday, June 16, 2008

tomdoright said...

God...are you keeping me from making any money, or am I just having bad luck? I'm a Realtor whose had all his deals fall apart in the past 12 months. Not one has closed. I have not had an income for over a year.

Two years ago I loaned 3 people a total of $175,000, neither of them have paid me back. Their collateral is worthless because of the real estate crash. One person who owes me $100,000 recently filed bankruptcy. The other two are not worth chasing because they supposedly have no money. I can't spend any more legal dollars. Do you not want me to get that money back?

I stopped paying back the banks on all my real estate loans. I have the exact amount in my savings accounts to cover the loans, but I would have zero ~ zero in savings, zero income, zero of the money I invested in those 4 people. I would have zero with which to protect and feed my family. Yet it doesn't feel right.

I would have the money to pay the banks if my deals went through and I got back the money I lent out.

Do you want me to pay back the banks, but go bankrupt? Why are you not letting me be a good Shepard of your money?

Answer from God through Brian:

"Do not worry, I am making the corrections to your path. Unfortunately your kindness has been taken advantage of and I am sorry you have been hurt. You will receive your money again however perhaps not in the same way you were expecting it. All you have to do is remain open to the great changes I am bringing to you and you will prosper."

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