Monday, August 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

Lord, I ask you this question because it has been something that has been haunting me. im not sure that its exactly hauting, however I can never escape it. Im always seeing the numbers 11, 1:11, 11:11 and Im wondering if this is some sort of sign that Im over looking. Should I be concerned or happy of this number? I'm trying to start a business a wondering if this is a sign towards that and if it is if its good or bad.
Also Lord, I would like to ask that you watch over my family and protect them. please also watch over my friends children who need gaudance right now. Amen

Answer from God through Brian:

"The numbers do not mean anything directly, however your angels have been using the numbers to help you stop and think and to get you to connect. I would like you to meditate with me so that you can ask me all of your questions."

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