Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anonymous said...

Hi God,

I've been trying to sort out some problems at work. I just had a surprise mid-year performance review and I didn't get much positive feedback. In fact, I feel that my job could be in jeopardy. I know that there are lessons to be learned, but I think my co-workers simply have a false impression of me. I'm a hard worker but sometimes I tend to ask a lot of questions, which appears as incompetent and dependent of others. I know I have both strengths and weaknesses in my life, but I not afraid to ask for help when needed. What can I do to help better myself in addition to prayer/meditation? Can you help me seek new employment that would allow me to grow and succeed without all the negativity? I'm ready for a change! Please respond as time permits. Thank you.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You currently have some negative energy that is behind you on your path that is holding you back in a few areas of your life. Most of this negativity you have picked up from other people's negative projections. I am going to put a barrier of positive energy around you to protect you and I would like you to ask your angels for help whenever you feel this barrier becoming weak."

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