Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God

You Know me better than i know myself. For as long as i could reason i have tried my best to do what is pleasing to you. I let go and let you take control because I gained the knowledge at a young age that there is nothing I can do except what you will. I am almost beginning to think that my future is like the chalk shattered on the tile floor. Everyone is telling me that there is no way out and the rumors I hear people spreading really discourage me. Even my own family members are saying that I AM DESTINED FOR DISAPPOINTMENT. It does not make sense to anyone HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN. I mean I'm not perfect but everyone who knows me knows that I would never do ANYTHING to deliberately hurt anyone and I am not a criminal. I was with bad company that night and I just was not thinking with the sense that YOU gave me to discern right from wrong. I was sitting in my car at circle K talking with my cousin and his friends and one of them got out of the car to try to knock out these two guys who were walking down the street. None of his friends would back him up so I felt that I should. There comes a point in life when you get tired of being called a "punk" and a "fag" so you seize opportunities to be "the man" "the hero" the "cool guy". So i made a bad decision and i got out of my car. Now I am facing 7 years in prison. God why? I know that this is all of your power and i have to be patient in awaiting for your plan to be revealed. God all i TRULY want is your will for my life but this hurts. God can you show mercy and compassion on my soul? Let me not perish but let me live God.

Answer from God through Brian:

"In no way did I plan for this to happen. You used your free will to make this decision and there are consequences. You do not need to ask for my mercy and compassion because you already have it. I am still with you and I will help you when ever you ask. It is important that you start meditating regularly and strengthen your connection with your angels."

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