Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chris888 said...

Dear God,

I recently had a break up with my girlfriend. I truly believe in my heart she is the one. We had some problems in our relationship because of my flaws. Before all the bad stuff happened, something in my gut told me, her and I would have a break up and get back together in the future. I have flaws in myself that I am working on. I pray I have the strength to fix them and show her I am the right man. If I get my life in order, is the vision I had of us breaking up and getting back together a real vision shown by you? Please, my heart depends on it.

Answer from God through Brian:

"It is important that you make these changes whether it is for this relationship or the next. I have heard your prayers and I will work to open her heart however you should be open to an alternate outcome. I will bring your next soul-mate to you when you are ready. By then you will be much better prepared."

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