Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Edward said...

Dear God,
I feel lost and off my lifepath since the hardships I had in 2006 when I went into a financial ruin and lost all my assets.

You've been giving me many opportunities to grow professinally and financially and I'm grateful for all. I stuck to my dreams for so long(many , many years), but the doors are just not opening fast enough for me to creat income from my passions to even survive, and I even went to apply for jobs just to be able make my bills at least so that I could focus more on all the opportunities you have given me, but to no avail.

I don't no anymore which turn to take, I started to even doubt my intuition which I trusted so much before. Where do I turn or what should I do to get back to my path and life purpose that you"ve shown me before and which door will give me the income to thrive , not just survive?

Thank you

Answer from God through Brian:

"You will be able to thrive. You will be able to have your dream career which will allow you to do so much more however for now, you need to focus on what is necessary to obtain these goals. I have big changes planned on your path and through these changes you will reach true happiness. Allow me to bring what you need in the present and try not to focus so much on what you want. Believe me, I have heard your prayers and the plans are already in motion. All you have to do is allow."

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