Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kheli said...

Dear God,
My Aunt Nancy and me were extremely close. She was a mother/friend I never had. One day I blew her off at a function that was extremely important. I felt bad and I knew she was mad at me, I was sorry. But I was terribly scared to call her to apologize. 3 days later was my birthday, she never called. I received a phone call from my sister later that night to tell me that Aunt Nancy had passed away, on my birthday. I miss her and I need to know, does she forgive me? It'll be 3 years this year, and I find myself not celebrating my birthday anymore. All I do is cry. I never got to say sorry. Please help me.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Your aunt is here in Heaven and she has nothing but love for you. You have nothing to feel sorry for because you were forgiven long ago. Use this situation to help your future relationships and strive to not make the same mistake."

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