Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

God you have taken her back and I am thankful for having her part of my short life. Will I ever see her again before you take me too; and if so how will I know it's her. Will it be in my dreams or when I am awake.

God why is saying goodbye so hard. I know that she does not want us crying for her now that her spirit has left, but I can't help being sad. I am sad not that she is with you, but that I won't be able to visit her, call her, chat with her and basically see her.

God please heal my heart, for I want and need to be strong for my family on the day of her viewing and mass. I know or atleast I am almost 100% sure that she knows that I love her.

God does she also know that I was with her at her bedside. Some of the nights she was in ICU.
God I really wish I knew what she was telling me those nights (visits) when my aunt and I were with her. Can you tell me what it is she was trying so hard to say.

God now that you have her again with you, give her a big hug and kiss from me (an everyone who loves her). Thanks.

Please also heal all of the sad hearts that are crying, such as her family, friends, loved ones etc.

One last thing... Who is my guardian angel and how do I know he or she is here?

Thanks again.

Answer from God through Brian:

"I have heard all of your prayers and I want you to know that she made it to Heaven without hesitation. Although she is in Heaven, she would like to communicate with you to give you the messages she has for you and your family. Find a quite place for you to sit in contemplation and ask her to come to you. She wants to give you the guidance she was unable to give before and you need to listen for it. It is up to you as to how you hear or feel her connection. You can choose to be open in meditation or in your sleep. Allow her to heal what is broken in you and you will be able to help so many others."

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