Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anonymous said...

God, I think on some level I've always known that I'm born to fly. Flying feels right, and you've pulled so many insane obstacles out of my way to make it this far, and I continue to ask for you to remove obstacles ahead of me in my path to become an airline captain. But now I'm scared about fuels running out. Aeroplanes are beautiful and real, and part of me, how can they not be part of the future? Will they always be part of my future? Will you always protect my medical/records/eligibility to fly like I am asking? I do trust you but I suppose I just want comfort, this means so much to me. But I do worry about the future of aviation.

And I feel that somehow I will be put in a specific position, like I'll have some special job to do one day, will this be some kind of in-flight emergency? I hope this is not arrogant, and I also wonder if it's just because I want to believe I'm special. If so, how can I prepare more?

I love you. I'm not capable of the love and gratitude you deserve, but thank you for everything. Please help me to love you and trust you more and more every day. Please protect my family and help us all to success and security. In particular please protect my sister on earth and lead her to success and happiness.

Answer from God through Brian:

""I have heard all of your prayers and as long as you remain grounded on your path, I will be able to bring you what you need. I have given you visions of what you are meant to do and all you need to do is trust. Meditate so that you can keep your energy clear and continue to ask for guidance."

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