Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anette said...

Dear God,
Im here on my knees again begging you please again ... hear my heart's prayer..
My brother John has cancer and is due to have a tumor removed next week..His wish is to live 10 more years to see his son graduate from high school. God I would gladly give 10 of my years to my brother please let him live and be healed, He is a good man and a good father, someone we all need on this earth..Please take all my blessings and give them to him..
Thy will be done
a loving sister Anette

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your love for your brother is strong and true and I am very proud of you. It's important for you to remember that we formed an agreement before entry into this world was allowed. Everyone has an agreement. A lot in that agreement has to do with what needs to be experienced to gain perspective. Perspective learned gives the ability to know what another is experiencing. Your brother has an agreement, as do you and everyone else including your brother's son. When you made your agreement, you agreed to your own path in this life as well as being a sister to your brother and to go through his experiences with him as he goes through yours with you. When you pray for specific things it might feel as though my answers to your prayers is "no" when in fact, it cannot always be "yes" if I am to live up to my part of the agreement. If instead you allow me the space to honor all agreements and to bring about the best possible outcome for any given situation my answer will always be yes."

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