Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anonymous said...

What happens to people that commit awful crimes during their life like killing and torturing others and show no remorse for it, in fact they actually enjoyed doing these things? Do they go to heaven? What about their victims, do they get a say in what happens to them?

Answer from God through Brian:

"Every life form that you see today is present to accomplish specific goals. There are many lifetimes that have come before this one and many others that may follow. Before each life we work together and choose what major experiences you will have and with whom you will have them to further you and those around you along on a spiritual path to gain full understanding. I allow the space for this to happen, however it is possible for no goals to be met in a lifetime. In each life I have given free will with which one may choose their immediate actions. If actions are chosen that negatively affect yourself or others there are the earthly consequences that you will need to face as well as the possibly of wasting a life. Each life has goals to be reached and they cannot be reached if you get too far off your path and do not ask for and accept guidance. There is no hell. If you seek and accept my love and light, you will be allowed into Heaven.

Think of how you use your energy. How are you affecting life forms around you? How are you helping yourself?"

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