Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

at the "turn of my life" i like to call it, i met this beautiful young woman. and looking at my past i havent had much luck with finding love. but i never really knew what love was until i met her. maybe i still dont. it was strange how we met, before moving into the apartments at the college we were both going to, the college put a few of us in a hotel because the apartments werent ready for us just yet. and we were in the same hotel together, one night my soon to be roomates and i went to one of our classmates apartments that they had already moved into. i was really nervous to meet the new people. moving across the country to live with people ive never met before. i was a little nervouse of course. but after we all just started hanging out i picked up a guitar and began playing a song that i wrote. the first and only song i had written at the time. she was sitting across the room and the entire time i was singing my song, she just stared at me. i didnt think anything of it then. but over the next few months she wanted to learn the song, and came up with harmonies to it as well.

i felt that we had a very significant connection there. over time i tried telling her how i felt about her, and i felt very strongly about her. i guess u could say that i loved her. i mean i never felt like this about anyone before, or anyone since. i did tell her one time. but when i said it she responded saying she loved me too. but i didnt feel she meant it the way i meant it. so i became distant i guess, afraid of making things really weird. a while after i told her, she came up to me with a big smile and gave me a huge hug. but i still felt strange i guess. i was afraid of something. i really dont know what it is exactly. and now everytime i see her and try to talk to her, i cant really function correctly. i act like a little schoolboy i guess is the best way to put it. and now she has a relationship, with another girl. so it feels like nothing will ever happen between us.

ok, here's the question. is this the girl i need in my life or have i been obsessing over something that will never happen? is there something between us that i was just to afraid to approach? Do i still have a chance? Or should i move on?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I have placed many soul-mates on each path for each person, some are to be romantic, and some are to be platonic. The spark you felt with the person you write about was to teach you what it feels like when someone finds something wonderful in you and because of that finding, wants to know more about you. Remember how if felt when she took that interest in you and allow the memory to become a beacon for you. There are many around you who don't feel special, to whom few pay attention. Use your gifts to help others know that they are important. You have an amazing capacity to love. You'll know when a romantic soul-mate comes into your life. You won't have to wonder about it. When it comes from me it will be perfect. When the time comes, don't forget to use your voice and speak not from your head, but from your heart. Lead with your heart first and you'll never have regrets.

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