Friday, December 5, 2008

Anonymous said...

If we have choices as to what kind of life we come back to Earth with, why are there so many people born into poverty and pain? Why would anyone come back live in a family that is starving to death in the stifling heat of Africa?

Answer from God through Carley:

"There is an agreement made before the next life begins. While a lifetime can seem as though that is all there is, it is really only a sliver of all there is.

Experiences in lifetimes add up to complete a spiritual path, and can take many lifetimes, or few. Intent to progress and actions taken to meet the intentions determine progression. Agreements include what you will experience as well as how you will contribute to complete another's agreement.

Some specific situations are chosen because a complete understanding of those specific situations fulfills an agreement. If the objectives of an agreement are not realized, another chance is given. Some have come to realize while in an agreement, that their experiences have helped to make them "...who they are today."

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