Saturday, December 6, 2008

Anonymous said...

I have always thought of God as someone like Santa Clause, a real jolly kind of guy that brings gift to those that are good and ask for them, and coal to all the naughty ones. Heaven is a place where yo party every day. You can eat and drink without getting fat or a stomach ake. You can go to a big shop and build anything you want. There are angles therir to show you how to use all the cool tools. You can learn to play any instrument and play any music that comes from your heart. You can dance all day and not get tired. You can sing songs and your voice is always in key. And Gopd tells jokes until you laugh to the point that you feel drunk. There are lakes to swim in and skip rocks off and oceans to sail and God is there like a best friend to enjoy the moment with. No one tells you it's time to go to bed and everyone is always naturally content. Is that what heaven is? Is that how you are? I don't see you as the lightening bolt throwing fear monger of the Old Testiment. I guess poeple back than thought God had to be the tough guy type.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Heaven is customized to each soul's desire. All of the things that you have described are possible and the potential for more is boundless. I am not the tough guy anymore. I have changed and I am here to offer love, light and guidance."

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