Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Why don't you come to Earth now? What are You waiting for? I know You created everything and I know You control everything. So why don't You just make everything better? Just snap Your fingers and make it right. By Your word, the world was born. All You had to do was say, "Let ther be light," and it was so. So why don't You just say, "Let it be right" and make it so? Why do You let bad things happen? You can't possibly blame Adam and Eve, for You created them, and You controlled them, and You know all so surely You knew what would happen. So what's the real reason? Why do You let bad things happen when you can make it all better? Why don't You just bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth now?

Answer from God through Brian:

"I will not change everything myself. That will not help anyone grow. I have given free will to every human. This is a gift that comes with a lot of responsibility. You are in control of your own path and it is up to you to ask for help. Your angels and I are always available however you have to realize we are not only a lifeline to be used when you are in crisis. We can help you find direction and remove negative energy. We want to have a relationship with you. Meditate. Raise your own energy levels and then you will be able to help the energy levels around you. Start small with positive intentions and your actions will carry more power than you can imagine."

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