Monday, December 22, 2008

Anonymous said...

I've never been very much for religion. I've always believed in your existence, but I have always found it much more simple to assume that you simply found me contemptable. I find myself, though, with nowhere left to turn. The sympathies of my friends, though some less so than others, have not satisfied the horrible pain in my heart. Ashley and I were a couple and were in love. Apparantly she is still in love with me, but has left me to be with her ex Aaron. I don't know what to do. Every woman I ever fall for leaves me for someone else, and I find myself disgusted by their happiness. I grow more and more resentful and every day I consider simply closing my heart. I truly love Ashley more than any other person. I want to see her happy, but is it a crime for me to want my happy ending with the woman I want? Am I doomed to simply settle for the woman who just doesn't leave me outright? Is there hope? Can I have my Ashley back? I need her more than anything.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Don't feel alone; many people come to me when they feel they have nowhere left to turn. Perhaps someday you'll find that if you come to me first, the struggles of your life will be fewer and less severe. There is a perfect match for you. It is simply not time for that person to come into your life. I would like you to learn how to be happy, truly peaceful and happy by yourself, outside of a romantic relationship. Once you've found peace within yourself and become someone with whom you are happy, then you will be ready for your soul mate. When you think you have accomplished this, check with me to see if I agree. When I do, ask me to bring your perfect match to you. You can find all the people you care to who are not right for you. I will only bring you someone who's perfect."

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