Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anonymous said...

Dear God,I don't know if this is the medium to get answers to my questions or it's for real but I do know that I have been drawn in directions that I never could have guessed. How can I reconcile the decisions I have made in the past with the regrets that I now carry? There is only one major unconcious decision that was a turning point for me. If it were a possibility to change that I would in a heartbeat and live the results. I'm not at all sure the life I would have had would be better....just different and possibly happier. I understand we are all where we are in life for a reason and because that is where we are meant to be. How can I know what my purpose is for being here now?

Answer from God through Brian:

"I have given you free will and with free will you make the decisions that dictate the direction you take on your path. Your angels and I are always available but to receive our help, you are required to ask for it, and then allow the help to come to you.

You have wondered from your path and because of this it may feel as though you are not making any progress. You need to meditate. With meditation you will be able to clear your energy that will allow me to help you. Find what you want to do in this life and set your intentions. I will help you make your intentions become reality."

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