Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anonymous said...

On October 22 2007 You said that to be saved, there are many paths to Paradise, and once someone passes they will have the opportunity to join the kingdom of heaven. What are these paths? How can I ensure I am on it? How can I help friends/family/others stay on it? It seems like a terrifying concept for the soul to not be secure, I always thought whatever happened in life, and whatever stupid decisions I made, none of it would really matter because I'd always return to You. Isn't this true?

Thank You so much for everything.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The paths to heaven exist on Earth as well as after life on Earth.

What do you know of me? Who am I? What is the basis of my being?

Instead of looking to just the written word, look into your heart as I can always be found there. Do you really think that there is only one path? Do you really think that I would only give my beloved children only one chance to get to heaven? Use your free will to know me and to know that every living being is of me and that I love every being unconditionally. It is true that no matter what decisions are made that I will not stop loving you, but I urge you to make thoughtful decisions whenever possible knowing that what you do affects everything."

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