Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

God -

I have loved Scott for years, but his affections clearly lie with other girls. There is a small part of me, however, that believes he thinks of me as much as I still think of him. Is it true - was I ever the center of Scott's world? Did he ever love me, even just a little? While the answer probably won't change the course of things, it would help put my poor, tortured heart to rest.

And please, tell my grandfather that I love and miss him very much - we all do. And for William, could you give him a pat for me and tell him he was always such a good boy? Thank you, God.

Answer from God through Brian:

"He is not one of your soul mates and a relationship with him would not serve you well. I will send you relationships to prepare you for your soul mate but you have to be open to them. Allow your angels, all of your loved ones who have passed away and me to help you move forward on your path and you will see all of the opportunities I have placed in front of you on your path."

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