Friday, December 5, 2008

Anonymous said...

Father you know my path. It has been wrought with many trials and blessings. I thank you for all of them because they have made who I am today. I am asking to get a clearer picture for my current path. I ahve reconceccted with whom I believe is my lifes partner (hearts desire) and been put on the path of my hearts desire for my career. I am looking for reasurrence that these things are true and I will have the funds to continue in these paths. I have a made a new connection with you thru my new found believe in your works please strenghthen these convictions and hold me in your palm through my new trials.

Answer from God through David:

"You have come across one of the soul-mates I have created for you on Earth. If you both so choose, you will live a wonderful life together, but it is up to you both if that will happen. Your free will determines what will come of your relationship.

You will face some rocky times financially, but there will be a calming after the storm and you shall have the ability to continue your career of choice. If you continue to ask for my guidance throughout your life, you will see great change that will make you even happier than you have imagined.

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