Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anonymous said...

God, how is it I know your there? I don't believe in tittles and denominations. I believe in a higher being. Yet when I look around i see people arguing and fighting over who's god is the right one and it seems to me that people have lost the true essence of what religion is suppose to stand for. I stand for a cause in which i am not entirely sure exist and yet i feel it is the right thing to do. I attempt to mediate and navigate those who's sole purpose is to either force their beliefs upon someone or denounce something that may seem imaginative. But i ask you again what is the real purpose of religion and how does one know if one is on the right trail when the spiritual entity that is God does not answer. I ask and i look but it difficult to determine coincidence from mysticism. Is this the right path or have I been led astray-and if i have how do i find the signs to return

Answer from God through Carley:

"You know I'm here because I am part of you. I don't need a title and I don't need a denomination. I am a higher being as you put it, but I am also every being. People can choose to use their free will to invoke their ego and believe that there is only one way to me as egos need to be right, but in your heart you know that is not true. I do not care how one comes to me, but I do care that they come to me. If you look for me you'll see me in every act of kindness, in every smile, every tear and in everything that grows and lives. I am creation - from your brilliant idea that comes from "nowhere" to the blessing that is every new life. Religion is man-made; I do not require it. I would rather each person come to me on their own and use others to learn about me and to take what feels right to them to further our relationship. And I do answer. I am a gentle steady presence in the lives of those that seek me. I am found in stillness and quiet. Meditate with me and know me."

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