Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Beloved Soldier from Birmingham said...

This has been a weird past month, much like the rest of my life. there are many questions I would have liked to ask you, but I find the most important to be how I can find you and talk to you. I know the person reading this may interpret this a certain way, but I ask you that you please tell me how to find you. I look for you and you give me little hints? God, you know as well as I do that I need to feel you, I need to know you're there. You are the only thing which really matters to me, and it hurts not being able to see your face and never being able to talk to you. Instead I'm left with the doubt I have been given in this past month about the word everyone claims is truth, but no way to be sure of the answer. I feel left and abandoned, like you really are not love, how you really do not care. I hope dearly that you will tell me how to find you in person. Such a world isn't meant for one question from God, please talk to me God, please visit me, or tell me how to find you. It's my request, that you answer that question.

Answer from God through Brian:

"Go to a place where you truly connect to what you find inspiring. Where you are able to let go of any pain and allow me to come to you. I have been here and I will always be here but you need to let go of the negative energy that is around you in order to feel my presence. Meditate and ask your angels to remove your negativity and you will receive all of the guidance that you need."

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