Friday, December 5, 2008

Bill said...

Dear Lord. Is there a curse on myself and my family? It seems that everything I attempt lately leads to nothing. No open doors. I do the footwork and nothing positive happens? I have been struggling so long with my career and finances. I have hit an all time low. My brother has been fighting depression for years. No medication, or counselling works. His family needs him. I need to give back to my family and have a future. My mother, sister, brother and I all are Christians and keep faith despite circumstance, however recently, my brother and I are challenged spiritually. It seems nothing I pray for happens. Good things for others. Good things for myself. I just feel totally disconnected from God, yet, I still believe. Please, my brother especially is running thin on faith, also myself, share your direct connection to him and his angels. This is a letter of despiration. Thank God for your gift and your generosity!

Answer from God through Brian:

"There is no curse upon your family. The energy of the Universe has been stretched thin lately because so much energy is being spent to bring in a new energy. This is causing you and your family to feel depleted of energy which is making it very difficult for you to connect. Continue to meditate and pray. I am listening and your angels are here to help. Ask your angels to come closer to you when you feel your energy levels going down or when you find it hard to connect. This will help bring more positive energy to you and the effects of the thinned energy will not be too severe. Change is coming for everyone. Have faith that I will bring you what you need and allow this energy to help you."

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