Thursday, December 4, 2008

DMO said...

God, it is hard for me to ask just one question cause I have two major Questions, always on my mind. I have had a very hard few years in life, Ive had friendship and love but little success. I am currently without a job, single but madly in love with who I wish was my soul mate. My question would be, will I succeed soon with the one I love and in life itself? Ive prayed to you nightly but feel we havnt truelly conected, please help me!?!

with my love and soul,

Answer from God through Brian:

"You are in the process of becoming romantically successful and it would help if you ask to be centered on your path daily to ensure you are able to receive all of the information and healing you need. Your success in other parts of your life is tied to romantic success and once you get closer to where you are meant to be, you will notice the rest of your life catching up."

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