Monday, December 8, 2008

rob g said...

Its wonderful to speak yo you GOD; It has ben a year with plenty of setbacks. Although, my inability to make my life more complete has been going for a very long time.My motivation wanders. I get low and lazy. I have to do most things alone and can do shortcuts. I admit I have made some terrible choices and have paid for them. I was diagnosed with Aspurgers Syndrome in July. This had verified my coping dificulty with people on specific levels, such as relationships. I am in therapy for that alonth my depression. I am a good person, friendly and very understanding. I have had so many sporadic jobs, that have depressed me so much. Making little money, living off of welfare and falling behind on my mortgage. My truck caught fire and the replacement van is broken down now. I want to be a contributer to society off welfare and learn what LOVE with another person is like.Will I be able to overcome all of these obstacles; good paying job, mortage saved, find the good heart in a good woman and my VAN fixed ? I am blssed with the great desire to RUN. It makes me feel so good. And the uncondiyional love for my cat. I want to turn things around. I am not selfish. I want love for all my family, friends and people I talk to. I really desire some good news in my life. I want to suceed.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have had some speed bumps on your path that have given you the opportunity to grow. I am proud of you for choosing to grow rather than to feel defeated. Continue to trust that I will bring your what you need and you will continue to move on your path with less obstacles. It would help if you would meditate and ask for your energy to be cleared and for all of the blocks to be removed from your path."

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