Monday, December 15, 2008

wanderer20 said...

dear god i am a sinner my whole life but i know you love me and i do love you for loving me so...i haven't been able to be myself for a long time and now that i finally have the girl i love...I KNOW SHE IS THE ONE...but she is scared and doesn't want to let go of her other past boyfriends and calls them friends...i know its tough to look into any ones heart but i know that deep down she feels the same way but i might have gotten a girl pregnant and everyone knows that...i don't what to lose the future i promised i would pursue...i hardly feel close to anyone but i feel close to the girl i love and things have been set in motion to tear us apart...the other girl already has a kid of her own and she lives with her parents while raising it on her own...and i don't really want to live with my parents after my grandparents die and they are getting close to their time and i wish i can follow them but i love the girl i am with now and i know she is the one and i don't want to lose her.

Answer from God through Carley:

"It would suit you best if you would write out on paper what it is you do want, leaving off completely what you don't want. Edit your list carefully. Don't list only little immediate things you want - but the huge, outlandish things you want too. Be specific in your list. If it's the girl you want, you need to make better decisions. Become the man that she could love. Help her to feel safe with you. Be the kind of partner you would want. Think bigger, longer and deeper than you have in the past being aware that everything you do affects the others in your life. It's time you had a plan and give it very serious thought. When you've got your list complete, ask for my help and then allow me the time and space to make even your most outlandish dreams a reality."

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