Saturday, January 10, 2009

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how powerful you really are. I do not question your power whatsoever, but one topic made me feel this way; gay marriage. I believe that no matter what, whatever happens is for a reason. You planned for it to happen. That is why I wonder why you said that a man shall not lay by another man, and yet you still let them? Many people I have talked to about this say maybe it's the devil working through these men and women to defy God. I still believe that you overpower the devil and all things on this Earth. You created us and everything around us. And yet, I still believe that no matter if you're straight or gay or any other sexuality, you can still find true love, while others may say that the gay men and women of the world can't, they are only "confused." That makes me so mad because I am very close and dear to a few gay people, and I know that they will find love someday; whether it be straight or not. You have a plan from the very beginning, right? You plan every breath we take, action we make, and you know who you want us to be with, right? I am so confused on what to believe here, please, please help me clear this up a little.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You wonder about me because you know me, and yet you read what was written by others and believe their words more than you trust in the truth of our relationship. If you ask your heart for the truth you will know that I speak to you and through you when you allow it. Trusting in me, you'll know better which parts of what is written are actually from me.

I have agreements in place with every living being. Based on those agreements, I place others together and will bring about potential circumstance, but free will evolves all plans. I react to the changes and guide possibilities in accordance to the agreements and in response to prayer. I do not have a plan for everything that happens as I will not interfere with the gift of free will.

As for gay or straight, I created all life. I ask that you love and that you do not judge. When you judge you allow yourself to forget that I am the the source of life. I did not say that a man should not lay by another man. Seek your heart for what you know of me. Ask your heart if I would withhold love from any of my creations?

I have allowed for at least one perfect partner for everyone and for some there are many potential perfect partners. There are endless reasons a perfect match is not realized, but the best way to find a perfect match is to ask me for it and then to wait with eyes and heart wide open for your perfect match to come to you."

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