Monday, January 19, 2009

Anonymous said...

I am in need of an answer. I am 5 months pregnant and the father of the baby whom i have been in love with for 5 years is in jail.nothing like this has ever happened and it was by surprise. He's been there 2 1/2 months and it kills me. We are both strong believers in the Lord. Through the tough times He has been there for us and gave us this beautiful child to raise. Except i can't imagine my boyfriend being in jail when she opens her eyes. So my question is am i where i should be and do i wait for him so that we can raise the child together? Is he the right person? I believe he is! I hope he's the one you sent for me!

Answer from God through Carley:

"He can be the right person for you, however you need to continue to connect with me in order to see if you are still centered on your path. You need to be the best mother you can be for your child. You have a great capacity to love, and you are worthy of a great life. Accept nothing less than a great life for yourself and for your child, knowing that I have great plans for you."

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