Friday, January 16, 2009

Anonymous said...

if your god you know who I am
i have run into a bit of bad luck. as you know a car crash, i know this sound crazy or stupid but could you please reverde time to the day before the crash or the couple of seconds before the crash,

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry for your pain. When you are ready to let go of your guilt, come to me and ask me to take it away from you. I will do it when you let go of it.

In all situations, especially the ones you wish you could undo, ask "What am I to learn from this?" You may not hear my answer right away - but rest assured that I will answer you and I will keep answering until you hear me. Either way, consider everything in life that happens to be a lesson. The thing that might be most difficult to accept is that every lesson might not be yours. Try to remember your agreement with me before you came into this life. Consider that this particular incident was one you agreed to and all the other people involved agreed to. Then ask yourself "What am I to learn from this?"

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