Friday, January 9, 2009

JayVee said...

Hi...=) I don't mean to be selfish in asking this question since you seem to be having almost every other person ask it, I know you have surrounded my life with such wonderful friends who don't even ask more of me than just to show up. Not that I'm not happy for that but you know how I am *obviously* LoL.

Lord, why is it so hard for me to find love for myself, of course I am not talking about love in friendship since apparently I have no problem in that. Sometimes I end up even falling for people that I'm sure would prefer girls in the first place. Why do I find it difficult in that sense when friendship comes so easily? For some reason I feel like I know the answers to my own questions. Am I really going to have to just build from a friendship?

Please Lord, I just want my soulmate I've dreamt about. Where it was a broken down building and he ran to me, slid on his knees on the wet mud while it was raining and said "I've finally found you" and I drop to my knees locked in an embrace like that moment could last forever. Is that too much? I must be asking too much. Please Lord make us both ready to meet each other soon. I feel like I miss him and I haven't even met him. @--}-

Answer from God through Carley:

"That dream was an answer to your prayer asking for him. Now you'll know him when you see him. Keep making friends and being a good friend. I'll bring you your perfect match when the time is right for you both. Perfect is worth waiting for, isn't it? And you do already know the answers to your questions, just listen to your heart and trust that I am found there."

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