Saturday, January 24, 2009

kristy said...

god i need your life is fallin apart.i have been trying to have a baby .nothing has happen every day iam depressed and more bad stuff happens i try to stay positive but it all falls apart again.i need you in my life more then ever.i want to wake up in the morning and be happy about my life and be happy to have a baby,and a good life .the last three years has been really bad.always something happening to me.i want to live in peace. people that they should enjoy everything in there life because you never know when its your time to go with godand all the little things we never pay attention the most important things and i know your in my life protecting me .i just need a little extra help from you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"A baby is not yet what you need in your life. You need to be happy being you before you can be happy with another life added. Many people confuse the unconditional love of a child with being accepted for the you inside. While it's true that children do love their parents unconditionally, there is much you need to do before you are ready for the responsibility of another life. Find out what is important to you; make a list. In the list make columns for what you have that you are grateful for, a column for what you have you would like to change, a column for what you want in your life. When the list is complete I'd like you to bring it to me and ask for your next steps. When you are ready to raise a child I will bring that child to you."

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