Friday, January 16, 2009

lakin2586 said...

Dear God,
As you know me and my husband have been tring to have a baby for sometime now. And I was wanting to know if I will ever get pregnant and have a baby?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You will. However, there is necessary work to do before this will happen. I'd like you and your husband to make a list of things you believe were good things that you experienced while you both were being raised and things you believe were bad things that you experienced. Make a very detailed list. Re-live your experiences in your mind's eye. From your lists, write down what you would do differently and what you would like to incorporate in your child's life. When you examine the past you can make educated decisions to move forward with intent for a positive and joyful outcome. If you realize, based upon those things listed under good and bad that you require some education; get it. Ask for help. When you believe you have learned all you need to learn and set your intentions for a positive and productive life for your family, come to me again and ask for your family."

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