Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mabelsfable said...


I'm kind of new, this is difficult for me. I wasn't raised with you, you see. Recently I have opened my mind to the possibility that you do exist. I see small signs...coincidences. I have read a lot of this site and found it helpful.

The thing is: I seem to be at an absolute impasse with my life- there doesn't seem to be a place where I fit.
I feel lonely and isolated. I'm filled with anger and depression- it just seems endless. I try really hard- I've done a lot of work with my doctor. I've also been meditating.

Am I really gay or is it just a phobia because of what happened when I was at university? It's not the life I want for myself. The prospect fills me with grief for the life I don't get to have- like all my friends. I don't want to watch from the sidelines. Yet I find myself distancing myself because it will hurt less when they find out what I'm really like and desert me like others who have merely suspected. People are mean. I just feel overwhelmed and very alone. This is excrutiatingly painful for me. I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle this. Do I need to go on antidepressants, move away and leave everybody behind? Please help me...PLEASE. Thank you for listening and Brian for your time.

Answer from God through Brian:

"You have been carrying a lot of negative energy that has been keeping you from receiving the insight you have wanted. I have removed this negative energy and restored your energy and soon you will feel like yourself. Anti-depressants will not help you move forward. You will lose parts of yourself that are true and you will be stuck on your path. Allow me to help you protect yourself. Now that you are clear I would like you to continue to meditate."

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