Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Maria R said...

How exactly does God talk to you? How do you ask and how does He answer? I didn't find this particular info anywhere on the blog. Is He Christ? Is He Yahve? Is He Buddha? Is He Allah? Why can't he talk to each of us, personally? How do I know you're not making all of this up?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am the voice inside your heart. I speak to Brian and Carley in much the same way I speak to you. They hear me because they work hard to do so. It is much like learning a second language. It takes desire, practice and an open heart. With practice and an open heart it becomes easier - just like anything you work hard to learn.

Questions or conversations can be in the spoken work, in thought, or in prayer. Sometimes I speak in a voice, other times I communicate in a sense of knowing, sometimes in writing or even in typing. Most hear me by listening to their "gut". I am your gut, I am your intuition. My name is different based on a person's belief. Know that I am the creator of all there is and my name has little importance to me. What I care about is that you call on me. Read the blog questions and answers and you'll know in your gut that this is from me."

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