Monday, February 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

hey god,

please answer this. i wont ask anymore regarding this. i am glad that we were and still are soul mates. as far as i can see it doesnt seem possible we will be together. this month it will be 3 years to you know what. it means a lot for me. but in these years i have also committed many mistakes which i consider sinful. i dont want to do it but it happens and even though i know i can stop it i dont.
i know my love for him is true and pure but i am not. i want to be truthful and since its not possible to say everything i tell you that and i believe the messsage somehow gets conveyed.
honestly i dont know what to ask you but i all will say is thanks for bringing him to my life and giving the best days.
i will be really glad if u can acknowledge the message.
i am sorry for the times i have questioned you and your presence. i am not asking for forgiveness because i am not worth it.
i hope my faith and belief in you will always be there. thanks.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The first thing you need to remember, is that you are a child of mine. You are worth every forgiveness and all the love I have for you - even when you don't accept it.

There are changes I would like you to make. I would like you to come to me before you act. I would like you to try harder to hear my answers. I answer your questions in feelings when you are just beginning to hear me. If you ask your heart "Is this something I should do?" your answer will be instant and you'll either feel peace and at ease for a "yes" answer or uneasy and unsettled when the answer is "no". You need to trust your heart as that is where I can be found. Please know that every prayer is answered."

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