Monday, February 16, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear god,
you know me, and you know how I feel for this girl.... you know how long i have prayed and meditated on this, and you know that i've felt things leading me to her that i cannot describe with words. I feel a lot of pain from the loss of those you have taken from my life, but I know its part of your plan for me. After telling her how i feel, and all she told me, I still feel like we both want to be together, I am open for a relationship whenever she's ready... i know she feels pain from her past relationships and I feel like its holding us back... but i still feel in my heart that she is for me and I for her.... its such a strong feeling that i find solace in the pain from the loneliness of waiting for her. But i wouldn't want to do anything else but wait and pray for her and for us. God I ask only to do your will and i feel like you showed this girl to me for a reason, she came to me when i needed hope for love in this world... we don't know each other enough... i've tried to progress with her but she feels we are too young, we never have time to talk face to face, so we talk through messaging. We are both having a hard time with this but I still feel that we are ment to be.... I can't explain why... but its like we are soul mates that just can't reach each other right now.... God is this your will? Is she my soul-mate, or were we at one time? I'll wait for her no matter what, will we ever be together?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You needed hope for love. She gave you hope and you did everything right. When you seek me, you will find me in your heart. When you lead with your heart you let me light your path. Because every being has the gift of free will, you can never know for sure how things will work out, but if you seek me, and ask for help, know that you have it. I come in soft whispers, in coincidence and in joyful moments when everything is just right. Keep asking for help, keep paying close attention and know that when you ask for something you will get it. You might not get it the moment you ask for it, but with the time and space required to bring everything together, expect the answer to be a resounding yes."

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