Friday, February 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

I just met a man named Dewey,is he the one I'm supposed to be with or not?.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your questions comes because you are not sure. When you ask me for the perfect partner I will bring you together when everything is right. I am only able to bring you your perfect partner when you are not in a relationship. You must be in a happy stage in your life. No relationship will save you, it will make you more of the things you already are and your partner more of what they already are. Always seek to amplify the good. Strive to be the type of person that your ideal partner could fall in love with. When you are really ready, come to me and ask. Once you've asked, leave me and your angels and guides the time and space we will need to bring everything together and then pay very close attention. I will only bring you perfect. The partners you find without my help are the partners you question."

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