Monday, February 9, 2009

Dana said...

Hello ~GOD~ & Thank You! for your love & support.
I'm wondering about my close to 20 year marriage. I have never felt that it was a good marriage. I've left before, but he & other things always pull me back. I feel so guilty when I leave him. I really don't believe that he's a soulmate. Maybe I'm with him for a bigger reason though. Is there any chance of our marriage being a happy one? And if not, will he be okay emotionally - and will I be okay financially? Will we both find real love in this lifetime?

Thank You So Much!!
Thanks also to you Brian.

Answer from God through Carley:

"There are many different kinds of love. Some love is born out of physical attraction, some born out of a closeness that begins in friendship, some grows from nothing over time. All love is good. Perhaps there is another way you could view your situation. What do you think needs to happen for you to be happy in your marriage? What if you found a way to be happy from within you and didn't depend on your partner? I would suggest that you act on at least one of those ideas you've had about what might be fun. The best cure for feeling stuck is movement."

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